Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building

When our CEO Partha was in the city the other day, he noticed foundations of a new building at ACU - ‘Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building’. With the link back to Kolkata and her birthday later this month, we thought it would be great to share a little history on one of the greatest humanitarians our earth has known.

Widely known as Mother Teresa – Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu born in Skopje, Macedonia 26/8/1910. In 1928, she joined the missionary order of the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin, Ireland. There she was given the name Sister Mary Teresa.

In 1929 she travelled to Kolkata, to teach at a school for girls. She remained in India for 20 years.

In 1946, she experienced a “call within a call.” To serve the sick and dying, the hungry and homeless.

In following decades, Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity have built centres throughout the world. In 1979 she received the Nobel Peace Prize. She captivated the world as few other people have.

Mother’s Teresa’s eventual canonization was the shortest in modern history. Pope John Paul II advanced the cause, making exception because her of widespread admiration.

She was canonized Saint Teresa of Kolkata on September 4, 2016. Her impact can still be felt today in both Kolkata and around the world.