November 2015

Wendy Brooks, MD of Wendy Brooks & Partners and Rod Brooks, GM of Wendy Brooks & Partners visited SBA’s India’s Delivery Centre in November 2015.

We had a wonderful time having Wendy and Rod with us and Wendy and Rod were so generous with their time in training our team in work processes. Sight seen of Kolkata and enjoying the delicious Indian cuisines was also a significant part of the itinerary.

Thank you for your wonderful visit to India.

We hope to see you again in Kolkata, Wendy and Rod !

October 2017

Tracey Bartlett, Head of Property developments from Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers visited India’s delivery centre on October 2017.

Tracey Barlett is holding an extensive professional experience in property industry, liaising with both Australian and International buyers and sellers of off the plan development, broad acre developments, large scale commercial properties and retail and shopping centres. Her addressing was enlightened the team to resolve queriers related to the projects and she also helped to framework a better delivery system which enable the team to achieve the recent goals.

Thank you for your visit to India, Treacy !!

Hope to have you again soon.

November 2017

Jack Thomson, Senior Associate, Wendy Brooks & Partner visited India’s delivery centre Kolkata, on November 2017.

Discussed the future improvements in the plan of actions followed by the city tour and experience the wonderful Indian cuisines were integral part of the itinerary.

Many thanks from the SBA family for your visit.

Hope to have you again Jack !!

November 2018

Warrick McLean, CEO of Coleman Greig Lawyers visited us at our India’s delivery centre on November 2018

We were privilege to have Warrick Maclean with us as he is the Chief Executive Officer of Coleman Greig Lawyers. Warrick commenced with the firm in 2006 and became an equity Principal of the firm in 2007. His background and expertise in human resource management, finance, business development and IT enable him to provide the necessary support and guidance required in positioning the firm as Western Sydney's leading law firm.

Apart from the business discussion he also enjoyed the tour of historical museum of ‘City of Joy’ with SBA team and Indian cuisine.

Thank you so much for your visit Warrick !!

Hope to have you again at our India’s delivery centre.

December 2018

Neisha Shepherd, Solicitor Director at NLS Law visited India’s delivery centre at Kolkata on December 2018.

Neisha has represented people in difficult legal matters with significant success, which includes cases in the High Court of Australia, NSW Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of NSW, District Court of NSW and the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, Federal Magistrates Court of Australia, Local Court and Children's Court. Neisha is an Accredited Specialist with the Law Society of New South Wales and promotes human rights and social justice.

Neisha is a member of: Law Council of Australia, Family Law and International Law Section.

She shared her extensive experience with our team members to solve real time operation query related to NLS’s tasks and a road also shred how our teams can walk to on it achieve the expected result for NLS and for other clients

Her contribution was not limited to professional discussion only rather traveling and enjoying the site seen with the team was also the integral part of her travel plan to India.

Thank you so much Neisha, for visiting us and we wish to have you again sometime in the near future. Many thanks. .