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At SBA we feel fortunate to work with clients and stakeholders who have in their teams have an amazing mix of industry professionals, subject matter experts, innovators and trail blazers.

Financial Reporting during COVID-19

Today we had a chat with our CEO Patha Nag, to gain some insight into financial reporting and changes that may be driven by the COVID crisis.


For assistance or guidance with financial reporting for your organisation please contact us. 

Meghan Warren

In this Edition of Tales from the Trenches we are joined by Meghan Warren, Principal of Burke and Associates Lawyers.

Meghan shares her insights into studying and being successful in one of the toughest exams in the world - the New York State Bar Exam including the highs and lows along the way to reach the final hurdle.

Reverend Bill Crews

Our guest today is Rev. Bill Crews, founder of Exodus Foundation, who has worked for 50 years with the homeless. In that time Rev. Bill has not seen much change in the condition of the homeless except for the numbers - an increase in the number of homeless. 


In this episode, Rev. Bill unveils the seemingly hopeless situation of poverty in Australia and 

what needs to happen to flatten the curve of homelessness.

Burke & Associates outsourcing journey

A few weeks back, we spoke again with Anthony Burke and Meghan Warren about the Burke & Associates Lawyers 8 year long and still running outsourcing journey with SBA.

Here's a few of the highlights, for the complete interview, check out our episode of Tales From The Trenches here

As an early adopter of outsourcing in the legal sector Tony’s insight reveals the power of outsourcing and how working with SBA became an integral part of the Burke and Associates team.

SBA’s flexible and dynamic solutions work to support your team, providing timely and professional turn around on anything your firm or legal team requires. To learn more, contact us today

Anthony Burke

Anthony Burke is the Founding Principal of Burke & Associates Lawyers.


For over 35 years Tony has been one of Melbourne’s most trusted names when it comes to matters of law.


In 2008, Tony served as the President of the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV). Tony was also a long serving member and Chair of the LIV’s Business Law Committee and remains involved in LIV Committee Work. Tony has also acted as the inaugural  Chair of the Law Council of Australia.


In this episode of Tales from the Trenches Tony discusses Succession Planning in Law firms.

Warrick McLean

Warrick McLean is the Chief Executive Officer of Coleman Greig Lawyers.

Warrick works extensively with the Principals and staff of Coleman Greig to identify, facilitate and implement the firm's strategic direction.

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