Founded in 2010, Strategic Business Alliance (SBA) provides integrated legal process outsourcing solutions to law firms ranging from sole practitioners to national practices and in-house legal departments. 

SBA's "Three Pillars" model enables clients to choose from our teams in Australia, India, or a mix of both for end-to-end coverage around the clock. 

Why just 'outsource' when you can have the best of both worlds?


SBA is able to provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective service offering to our clients across various time-zones. The ‘Three Pillars’ service delivery model allows SBA to help our clients to reduce cost and enhance productivity.


SBA have teams based out of both Australia and India and we provide our clients the best LPO solutions using the wide array of skillset available in our team.

Save money on recruitment costs and manage resources better by utilising SBA's wide range of services.

At Strategic Business Alliance we offer flexible deployment models to meet our clients requirements. If you are ready to enhance productivity and profitability in your practice we will help you do it quickly.

We help firms to increase profitability whilst enhancing your client service and staff well being. If your practice is expanding or your firm has a major project to complete or you need to streamline costs – we will support you. 

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